Proper use of ridge vents


Q:  I recently had a new roof installed and the roofers included a ridge vent at the peak of the roof. I am now led to understand the ridge vent should not have been installed because I already had the flat roof vents, gable vents and overhang vents. Should I be concerned?


Condensate drain leaks

Q:  I have a combination furnace air conditioner in a utility room of my finished basement. The air conditioner has a pump near the bottom of the furnace that collects the condensate water from the air conditioner and pumps it across the basement to the laundry drain. I failed to notice that the pump had stopped working and the condensate water flooded to the finished basement causing a lot of damage. The repairman said he can install an alarm that will let us know if the pump fails again but that wouldn’t help if we were not home to hear the alarm. Any ideas would be appreciated.  

Street creep


Published July 22, 2012

Q:  We are purchasing a house in a nice new subdivision but the house is at the lower end of a cul-de-sac street. I have a friend who is the friend of a home inspector and he told me the street could cause problems for the home. He did not elaborate so I thought maybe you could tell me what problems I could be buying into.

Energy Use


Published July 10, 2011


Q:  I recently saw some information advising people to get rid of their old refrigerators for newer energy efficient models. Does this have anything to do with energy savings or are they just trying to sell new refrigerators?

Purchasing replacement windows

Published January 1, 2012

Q:  I can feel cold air coming from the windows on the west side of my home. The windows are wood with a storm glass on the outside. A contractor told me he could replace all the windows and I would save enough money on heating bills to pay for the replacement in no time. I really don’t have the money right now to replace all the windows and was wondering if replacing a few at a time is a good investment.


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