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A Whole House Inspections Includes:

  • Structure: roof, attic, interior, exterior, basement, crawlspace, attached garage and detached buildings that have a foundation.
  • Heating & air conditioning:  proper operation, distribution ducts, filter, condensate drains, location and safety issues
  • Plumbing:  supply and drain pipes, venting system and water heater.
  • Electric system:  removing the panel cover if accessible, checking a representative number of outlets, switches, grounding and wiring methods
  • Attic insulation and ventilation
  • Gutters, downspouts, grading and drainage of the property

A typical whole house inspection takes 2 to 3 hours to complete.




Termite / Wood Destroying Insect

  • Typically a termite inspection is ordered with a whole house inspection. 

Energy Audits:

  • Blower door testing and duct blasting to identify areas of the home in need of upgrades to save on future energy costs.

Partial Inspections:

·      Structure only
·      Plumbing only
·      Heating/Cooling (weather permitting)
·      Electrical only
·      A combination of any of the above


Phase Inspections

  • Phase inspections are generally performed on new construction and usually consist of a 3-phase inspection process.  The foundation and footings are inspected first.  Next the framing, plumbing, electric, insulation, etc. are inspected before the drywall is installed.  Finally, the completed home or structure is inspected.

Mold Inspections

  • As part of our services, during a whole house inspection, we will visually inspect for mold and inform you of the conditions under which the mold is growing.  There are over 100,000 species of mold spores and most are easily treated.

Radon Test

  • Air Measurement using state-of-the-art equipment. 
Free consultation once the report is received.

Septic System (private waste disposal systems)

  • Dye testing a system which is currently in use.  Homes vacant for more than 90 days usually are not inspected using a tracer dye.  The water to the home must be on in order to perform a dye test.

Well Water Sampling

  • Includes an analysis by a certified lab.

Building Analysis

  • Building problems identification and solutions.
 May include minor destructive testing which is not normally performed during a whole house inspection.


  • Advice for new construction, Energy Star requirements, Green Building Verification, remodeling or DIY projects

Expert Testimony in a Court of Law

  • Disputes over buildings or homes that have been damaged due to carelessness or natural causes.

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