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Erika Maurer

Thank you for such a positive experience which made purchasing my home even more exciting. I thought I'd put some of my thoughts (and others' thoughts ) about my purchasing adventure. Thanks.

Erika Maurer

Upon my offer being accepted by the sellers, I knew I needed to begin aligning my appointments, gathering paperwork, etc. Since I had never purchased a home independently, I requested, from my co-workers, a list of home inspectors they had used or knew of one with a good reputation. Within 3 minutes of my email, I received 5 responses from my co-workers. Not only was I surprised by their quick responses, I was amazed at who their recommendations were or should I say who their recommendation was. It was unanimous . . . each of the responses read, "Dwight Barnett." Some of the unsolicited comments were: You can't go wrong with him if he's inspecting the house you're BUYING . . . He's my neighbor, and not only is he great at what he does, he's a very nice man who stands behind his work . . . He's the one who writes the article in the paper and it sounds like you would want him if you're buying . . . maybe not selling (LOL) . . . He'll inspect the inside, outside, attic, garage and every nook and cranny . . . nothing will go unnoticed . . . My personal experience with Dwight and son, Damon, was extremely pleasant. He urged me to walk through the house with him, so I could visually comprehend what his findings were and what his recommendations would be. He offers a newsletter to his customers and has an open door policy when it comes to questions that may arise even after the purchase of a home. Dwight and Damon were both very kind and respectful of my soon-to-be new home and my time. If I had to rate them on a scale from 1 to 10, I would have to say 20.

Chris Kirby

Dwight and Damon both did our home inspection last fall. Being the buyer, we wanted to hire an inspector that would find things. Dwight and Damon were very thorough and found problems that I would have never known about if I had not hired them. The small price of an inspection is worth every dollar to ensure the home you are buying is sound. With Dwight and Damon I felt comfortable that I knew everything I needed to know about the house before we even moved in.

Mr. & Mrs T. Cook

Thank you for the quick and good service you provided to us. We really appreciate it. Damon seemed to do a great job, was very helpful and took time to explain things. He was great to work with. Thank you and God bless you all, Mr. & Mrs. T. Cook